A few things about me. 

I'm from the Dominican Republic. Or Punta Cana for tourists.
Moved to New York City in 2003. Painful but necessary.
Got my Associates in Communication Design from Bronx Community College in 2006. Great campus and program.
Received my Bachelors in Advertising & Web Design from NYC College of Technology in 2008. The commute was too long.
Have worked as freelancer, in startup, in ad agency and at Amazon for the past 15 years. As well rounded as my belly.
Dealt with clients from all verticals: education, pharmaceutical, telecom, consumer packaged goods, automotive, financial services, soft-lines, and entertainment. CPG is my bread and butter.
I trade stocks. I still remember my first profit.
I enjoy mentoring and teaching others the little things I know. I should launch my YouTube channel.
I volunteer at my local church and as a T-ball coach. Team Orange Juice, let's go!
I moved from NY to Orlando in the middle of a global pandemic with my awesome wife, Patricia, my two boys and the princess of the house. Just waiting for my kids to start paying me rent soon.